Staff Recruitment

To make this a fantastic event we’re going to need help, and that’s where you come in.

We’ll need leaders to run activities, put up shelters, put up signs, help any lost young people (and parents and leaders too), empty bins, run around with walkie-talkies, sort the car parks, keep the drink stations flowing and million other things.

This is split into 3 main areas:

  1. Setting Up & Taking Down – All leaders can help with this during the week before and immediately afterwards. They’ll be plenty to and we’re asking for volunteers to sign up to a few hours or a few days to help with a variety of jobs.
  2. Keeping the site in good shape during the weekend of the camp. We’re recruiting leaders to help as part of a core team. The core team will be on hand to make sure things are kept running smoothly and will include a huge variety of different jobs. We imagine turning your hand from covering shifts at the leader’s coffee stop, to helping coordinate traffic, accompany site visitors, working one of the 4 site retail units and helping make sure all the service team are fed and watered themselves. This will likely be a high-paced role but hugely rewarding. These leaders won’t be expected to cover any other activities. Talking of which…
  3. Activities – Over the weekend we’re likely to need around 300 leaders at any one time on hand to lead and support the breadth of activities on offer. We can’t under-estimate this huge task so we’re learning from recent County events and will have a rota in place for each District, pro rata, to provide named leaders for the various activities. For example, if we had a custard pie throwing range we’d need a leader for the Friday evening session, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. We’d be looking to share this burden as fairly as possible so that every District, Group and section lends their support equally whilst still keeping time for leaders to explore the site and encourage our young people too. Sadly we can’t guarantee a custard pie throwing range but if there are any bakers in the room please let yourself be known.

Each team is looking for a variety of people to help make Challenge20+1. We are looking for anyone- there is a role out there for you!

This is huge, but it’s going to be great!


Retail are looking for a variety of individuals to help them run the range of shops at Challenge20+!. Please see the ideas from the Team Lead, Mathew Milner below

Challenge 20 Staff Volunteers Retai


Infrastructure (Site Services).

Fancy working on the infrastructure team? You could be helping keep the site secure, delivering supplies to groups around the site or helping build (or take down) parts of the site! We are also looking for specialists such as electricians, telehandler drivers, plumbers etc. For more information see below. 

Infrastructure Job Spec