Can Exchange

Can we only sell cans instead of plastic bottles? In the immortal words of Bob the Builder, ‘Yes we Can!’.

The Can Exchange will stock a variety of pop and drinks available in Can Format. Even better, once you’ve drank your drink, bring your Can back to be recycled and get some money off the next can!

Challenge Emporium

Bramham Park’s answer to a Department Store! With grass for escalators, tables for checkouts and a marquee for a roof, the Challenge Emporium will stock an array of merchandise, toys, gifts and other memorabilia.

Sweet Shack

With enough Sweets and Chocolate to rival Willy Wonka himself, the Sweet Shack will be on hand for those midnight snacks, morning boosts and afternoon pick-me-up’s!


Holding no relation to any Swedish Furniture Stores, IKIFS is for those moments that you think- I knew I’d forgot something! From Tent Pegs, to Tomato Ketchup to Teabags- If you want it, IKIFS will stock it!